Mapping the Age of LA’s Cities

A few months ago I mentioned some open sourced options available for those who want to learn GIS without dropping $1,500 for Esri’s Desktop ArcGIS (Open Sourced Mapping Options). Today I decided to give QGIS a spin and found it much more intuitive than ArcGIS.

For this experiment, I asked a basic question: How old is each city of LA County?

Mapping the Age of LA’s Cities

Below is a macro level map organizing cities by their age. Free of the names, it is super interesting to see the patterns.

How old is LA County?

As a point of reference, this second map below provides the names of cities. As can be seen, there was a huge expansion 100-150 years ago from Palos Verdes to San Dimas and then again 50-100 years ago with a concentration along the foothills.

LA County, City  Ages

Click on map for larger image.

The data for these maps was taken from Wikipedia.


***Correction, these dates are the year each city was incorporated into the county.